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CranioSacral Therapy and lifecoaching testimony from client of aldene etter


Some experiences clients have had from 1:1 confidential sessions of distant craniosacral and lifecoaching on zoom or phone while they are in the comfort and safety of their own home:

Headaches gone.      Back pain diminished....or gone.      Better sleep.   Clearer idea of how to move forward on a project.      Feeling of autonomy. 

Deeper breathing.  Feeling empowered.  Better communication with spouse. 

Connecting the dots between emotions and issues in the body.  Feeling heard. 

Less tension in low back.  Feet feel like they are connecting to the floor. 


client testimonial of coaching and craniosacral therapy with aldene etter


Woman in Martinsburg, West Virginia: "Before I started working with you I was taking Valium every day."

*Update  She is no longer taking valium though she continues to carry it with her.

Update #2 A month after the last update, she is no longer carrying valium with her. When the urge to take valium arises, she uses that as information. She then uses one of the tools that she learned in our sessions to address/counterbalance her current experience. 


client testimonial for aldene etter lifecoach and craniosacral therapist


"...the unwinding you can initiate in people is straight to the core! It's very inspiring."     Woman in London 


A Woman near Harrisburg, PA:

CranioSacral therapy session with Aldene Etter coach, craniosacral therapist for pain relief


"Hello Aldene
You held the space very well for me.
For the initial grounding.. I felt myself decide "ok it's time to thump into the bedrock" and you commented on feeling that. It really is getting easier, just like making a decision, flicking the switch.
I have some descriptions for some of the sensations.. raindrops pitter pattering, the meteorite that sparks and shoots, the breezy wave (like tall grass blowing). "


Testimonials about Aldene Etter CranioSacral Therapist and lifecoach with photo of lotus pond from Penn State Arboretum


"Just finished a cranial sacral session with Aldene today. Complaining of my occiput  and upper neck aching all the time. Like it was crusty /stuck together. She did her brilliant work on the cranial sacral therapy  and I just tuned into the session energetically.  About 3/4 of the way through I could feel something happening in my skull. I heard or knew that I was being upgraded --that parts of my skull that were constricted and not expanding were  being removed and transformed into parts that would be easily expandable."


An osteopathic student in the UK wrote:

Client testimonial on distant CranioSacral integration and Polarity Therapy with Aldene etter CranioSacral Therapist and lifecoach


"I am ever so grateful for my cranial sacral practitioner Aldene Etter and her ability to recognize how out of body I was before we even started our session. Aldene immediately recognized that I was hovering outside my body.  So she helped me get back into my body and then did the craniosacral work with me lying on the table."

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